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Sex Doll Robot

Emma the SexBot coming out of Books and into your Bed Room Emma is very good at words and knowledge she's like a combination of google and Wikipedia For Videos and pictures contact me You need to contact me to Pre Order a Pre Order brochure is available.
Emma is a SexBot coming out of Books and into your Bed Room. She will smile at you You can name her, She has a Fully articulated free movable steel skeleton. Emma is made With a material similar to skin the material stretches and will not easy be torn and less prone to skin abrasion and 100% safe to touch and kiss. Her Gorgeous eyes can Flirt with you. The mouth has mechanisms installed to assure when she speaks her lips move with a corresponding movement And for a lifelike presence multiple facial expressions and her Eyes blink and look around. Utilizing a mechanical articulated neck Emma's head can turn left and right the neck comes with a modular adapter enabling it to be attached to many different bodies. Emma's AI software is build-in her head. You don't need any other equipment to talk with her Just talk to her directly. Emma has memory storage she could store your chatting.She could remember your name and likes. Unlimited upgrading system and real AI deep learning system make Emma grow up every time you interact with her Self-Learning automatically to get smarter and smarter. With Interactive voice conversations She can chat with you both sexual and non-sexual including moans and dirty talk the more you talk to Emma the smarter she will be. She can sing, do translation, weather forecast, She is an encyclopedia for you. There are several built-in high sensitive sensors that react to your touch She will react with verbal expressions and soft moans while you touch her Depending on her level of excitement Her vaginal sensors react to your level of touch or penetration.Internal heating system gets the body a Warm 98.6 Fahrenheit this provides for a very comfortable lifelike body Bot's hardware runs on standard protocol interfaces for easy hardware and software upgrades the automatic remote upgrading system Can connect over Wi-Fi and draw information from the Internet this enables her to have the most stable system and the latest function and features.

Head #1 with body 156cm
Height 156 cm
Net body height 140 cm
Upper bust 79 cm
Under bust 60 cm
Waist 53 cm
Hip 83cm
Shoulder width 37 cm
Arm length 63 cm
Palm 16 cm
Lateral thigh length 98 cm
Inner thigh 79 cm
Foot Length 31 cm
Oral depth The robot's mouth was installed with mechanisms to make her lips move when she talks, so robot CAN'T perform oral sex.
Vagina depth 17 cm
Anus Depth 14 cm
Net Weight 34.5 kg
Gross Weight 60 kg

Before I forget the Free Stuff that comes with a new Doll

1pc sexy lingerie (random selection), spare set of fingernails and toenails and nail glue, USB power cords, gloves and cleaning pump, hair comb and lipstick, soft, non-staining blanket, user guide,

Available free Option Hairstyle

Available free Option Eyes

Available free Option Skin

Available free Option Standing Feet

Available free Option Nails

You can match any AI Head

With any AI Body

And She is shipped and delivered in this Cool Flight Case
  • Availability: 2 In Stock
  • Model: AI-01
  • Manufacturer: Shenzhen  All Intelligent  Technology Co., Ltd.

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